Sun, primary source of energy for planet earth is sustainable and inexhaustible. Fortunately our nation has excellent solar insolation levels throughout the year making it wise for us to harvest the energy from the sun. Of the numerous renewable energy energy sources available, solar photo voltaic has the maximum potential to generate clean and green power for all our future needs.

  • Sun is the primary source of energy
  • Solar energy is more evenly distributed in the world
  • Solar energy is consistent
  • Solar PV is well proven and demonstrated technology
  • SPV is the future power generator and is expected to reach grid parity.

In, addition Solar Photovoltaic technology offers following advantages:

  • No recurring fuel cost
  • Clean & silent, no moving parts
  • Modular, Reliable and needs negligible maintenance
  • Does not contribute to green house emission
  • Can be installed at the point of use & prevent transmission losses.
  • Solar panels have design life of 25years and are able to withstand high wind, hail impact, humidity and adverse weather condition

Roof top Solar Grid Connect Power Plant help reduce the loading on diesel generating sets by generating clean energy all through the day and directly synchronising with the internal LT Grid, thus reducing the peak load consumption during the day. Roof top solar grid solar power plant ideally utilizes the shadow free vacant roof space to generate clean energy for the building’s own consumption during the day.

Solar Roof Top Grid Connect Power Plant offers many advantages, few are:

  • They are safe, clean and noiseless
  • They are highly reliable, modular & scalable
  • They require negligible maintenance
  • On the spot clean energy generation & consumption offsets T&D losses
  • Reduces peak load demand on DG set through the day and saves on fuel cost.

System Description

The Solar electricity is produced when the Photons from the sun rays hit the electrons in the Solar PV panels – this will generate Direct Current (DC).

The DC electricity from the panels passes through DC distribution network to a grid-interactive inverter, which converts the DC electricity into 220V AC for single phase and 415V AC for 3 phase operation by using state of the art technology by MOSFET/ IGBT methodology and fed through A/C distribution system linked to the electricity supplied by the grid AC.